Preparing for your Facial Peel

 Light Skin Peels are safe, exfoliating treatments, given alone or with extractions, a customized treatment mask and specialty serums that boost results. Light peel procedures can be repeated as often as every two weeks. 

Most clients experience no unpleasant side effects, including visible peeling, though temporary side effects can occasionally include sensitivity, stinging, mild swelling, redness, dry brown patches, tiny scabs, flaking and peeling. These symptoms are temporary and can be relieved by avoiding scrubs, acne medications, glycolic acid, skin lighteners and retinol products for a few days, icing the face, drinking lots of water and applying AloeCort, HydroCort, Calm Cream or moisturizer. Sunblock is mandatory and helps prevent and fade pigment problems, so don’t be fooled by cloudy or overcast skies. I do not peel those who don't use sunscreen. Do expect much visible peeling, and don't be surprised if you do peel. Dead skin cells are actually dissolved during the peel procedure itself, but dryness and flaking can follow this procedure, especially during the winter months.  The peel solution is applied with a brush for a few minutes, depending on skin type, sensitivity, thickness, skin problems, and use of "active" products. Some solutions can be applied to back of hands, back, and other body parts for a few minutes longer. 

Benefits of Light Peels: Gradually lightens dark spots, helps reduce fine lines, softens dry skin, dissolves dead skin cells, improves rough texture, helps open up and dry out active acne, exfoliates razor bumps, and boosts homecare programs by allowing active products to penetrate deeper and better. 

Before Your Peel: You may not shave, be sunburned, irritated or ill. If your skin feels sensitive, or if you are using potent products, schedule a brief follow up beforehand. The night before your peel, do not apply active products if your skin is sensitive. If you have shaved, over scrubbed, used a shaving powder or depilatory, are sunburned, have clod sores, been picking, "dotting" skin lighteners or over using active products, your peel will be postponed and a milder treatment will be performed.  

After Your Peel: Do not use scrubs, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, BPO, retinoids (topical vitamin A, Differin, Retin A, retinol), AHA products, skin lighteners and/or astringents for a full 24 hours.   

WARNING! Avoid direct sun. DO NOT try to remove dead skin cells with a washcloth or towel or pick your skin. DO NOT stand near heater or fireplace, go running, go to the gym, or to the hairdresser.   I understand this form and herby give my consent for a light skin peel. 

I have complied with all pre peel rules. I have not shaved, been exposed to excessive sun, and my skin does not feel sensitive or irritated in any way. I have informed the center of all health problems and any oral or topical medications I may be using. I have not taken accutane for sib full weeks prior to getting this peel. I understand most dead skin cells are dissolved during the procedure, and washed away when the peel product is removed. I also understand it is difficult to predict how much visible peeling and flaking will occur after this procedure. If I desire brisk, visible peeling following my peel, I will discuss the options with my esthetician before getting this peel. If I do not desire a lot of flaking, I will notify my esthetician. I understand that a higher peel percentage or lower pH is not necessarily more beneficial or recommended. Results and benefits of these procedures are gradual and safe, especially when performed regularly. Redness and irritation are minimized by following post peel instructions and applying active products very sparingly as directed. I agree to allow the esthetician to use professional judgement in choosing the appropriate percentage, time and pH, with my input.